Episode 70

#070 - Reframing the Narrative w/ Alexandra Cohl

Alexandra and I talk about art, writing, and podcasting and how creative works can be used to reframe narratives after trauma. This was a great conversation! Please support Alexandra's work on POD.DRALAND - it's AWESOME!

POD.DRALAND: https://www.poddraland.com/

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Remember, after the show, to take time out of your day to listen to someone else. Just 5 minutes. It’ll change your life.

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Alex Williamns started "My Wax Museum" out of a desire (need) to become a better listener. He'd always wait for people to finish their story so he could jump in with (what he thought was) a better story. By sitting down and listening intently to the people he knew, he discovered the AMAZING lives led by the people surrounding him!